MirrorCase for the iPhone Lets You Take Creepy Pictures Without Anyone Knowing

Have you ever wanted to take a picture with your iPhone without someone knowing, but was too afraid to do so? Well now you can, thanks to the MirrorCase for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The case utilizes a mirror so you can shoot images while holding your phone horizontally, making it less obvious that you're invading someone's privacy. The MirrorCase isn't just a stealthy way to snap photos, it also protects your iPhone with its plastic shell and rubber bumpers.

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The MirrorCase sounds like a great idea for those rare People of Walmart opportunities, but adding its awkward bulk to your iPhone doesn't seem worth it to me. I guess there could be some practical uses for the MirrorCase, but I'm not sure what. The MirrorCase just sounds like a creep's dream come true, and an easier way for people to snap up skirt pictures.

If you're a spy, private detective or just enjoy snapping incognito photos with your iPhone, the MirrorCase is currently available on Amazon.


What is a "People of Walmart?"

A website, google it. I wasn't sure it if it was SFW and didn't want to link to it.