Apple Makes App Store Age Ratings More Visible

Vine does a pretty good job of hiding its adult content, but that doesn't mean it's not there. And that's why Apple has decided make the App Store age ratings easier to see. The ratings are now displayed next to an app icon, instead of below the description where they were previously located. This will make it easier for parents to know which apps are not appropriate for children.

Vine App

The change comes after Apple pulled the popular photo-sharing app 500px, because it was too easy to find nude content. The app eventually returned to the App Store brandishing a 17+ rating. Now several other apps, such as Vine, have been tagged with the adult rating, and an age-restriction warning when you attempt to download them.

Vine allows users to upload and share six-second videos with their friends and other users. While the app has inspired funny trends like Will Sasso's lemon gag, and other creative videos, it has also become a place for people to share some of their more intimate moments which are not suitable for children.

Apple has always had a strong policy against adult content in the App Store, but it may be a losing battle with all the third-party photo and video sharing apps being created. It would be asking a lot for third-party apps to regulate what millions of users upload and share every day.