Bang With Friends Returns to App Store as 'Down'

The controversial app Bang With Friends has returned to Apple's App Store under the new name Down. The app, which encouraged Facebook friends to hookup anonymously, was removed by Apple in May due to its questionable content. The new app created by "BANG WITH FRIENDS, INC.", features new "Up to Hang" and "I'm Down" options, instead of the less subtle "Down to Bang" button it featured before.

Bang With Friends iOS

The creators of the Bang With Friends app were also sued by developer Zynga in July for using the phrase "with friends". Zynga claimed the Bang With Friends creators selected the name of their app with the trademarked games Words With Friends and Chess With Friends fully in mind. The Words With Friends maker asked the court to stop the owners of Bang With Friends from using the term, and that they pay unspecified damages. It doesn't look like the lawsuit worked since Android users can still download the original and uncensored version from the Google Play Store.

The new Down app is now available for free in the App Store. It supports the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It is also easier to use the search term "bang with friends" instead of "down" if you're trying to locate it directly from your mobile device.