iPhone Firmware Version 1.1.1 Released, Update Wisely

Apple's newest update for the iPhone, firmware version 1.1.1 has been released and includes a long list of feature additions, bug fixes, and security enhancements. As always, the new firmware can be installed on your iPhone via the iPhone "check for updates" button in iTunes.

As previously reported, Apple has made it quite clear that applying the update to a modified or "hacked" iPhone can cause permanent and irreparable harm to the device which will NOT be covered under and Apple warranty. if you have performed ANY type of unauthorized modifications to your iPhone (custom ringtones, jailbreaking, custom software, and especially unlocking), make sure to read on and/or research the new update before applying it.

Users who unlocked their iPhone via any of the many available methods (iPhoneSIMFree, iUnlock, AnySIM) should simply not install the update at this time. Hold tight and wait for more info to be revealed about the consequences of updating an unlocked phone and the proper method of applying an update.

If you have performed non-unlock related modifications, such as jailbreaking and the installation of 3rd party software, initial reports are that performing a restore of your iPhone before updating is safe. These are initial reports of course, so update at your own risk.

Of course, during the restore process you'll be erasing any third party software or other custom modifications you've made to your iPhone. In fact, you'll be erasing the phone and restoring it to it's factory software condition. Make sure to back up anything on the iPhone you'll miss before doing so.

Once you have updated, you'll have to wait for new versions of software like Installer.app, iFuntastic, or iBrickr before you can re-modify your iPhone under the new software. That said, should you have fallen in love with your mods - wait.

Please post any new information you discover about the update process here in the comments, or by sending us feedback, so that your knowledge can be shared with other iPhone users.

For a list of added features, enhancements and security updates included in the iPhone v1.1.1 firmware, head here.


BoyGeniusreport.com has an article that says that some people have taken their unlocked and now unusable iPhones to the apple store and that either the Genius' are fixing or replacing them. Not all of apple's people are doing it, and it's unclear as to what's being done in the first place.
I have a very strong feeling that the new firmware update is quite reversable, but only Apple has the method right now.

I restored my phone to 1.02 (which it already was) by shift+clicking the restore in itunes, and selecting the restore image located in Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates. I am an ATT user, but I had used ibrickr and installer.app. I then was able to install the update without a problem.

Hi EricKit

I just wanted to completely understand this....

Like you, I am an original SIM and contract user of ATT on my iPhone, using the 1.02 firmware.

I have only installed iBrickr and installer.app and nothing else. I desire the benefits of 1.1.1 more than the benefits of iBrickr at this time and want to upgrade to 1.1.1

If all of these assumptions are true and correct, will I brick my phone if I upgrade?

I appreciate your help.


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