iPhone 5s and 5c Retro Game Cases Offer Old School Fun

Looking for a way to protect your new iPhone 5s or 5c with a little style? Check out the new Retro Game Cases offered by PureGear.

iPhone 5S Cases

For $29.99, you can choose from one of three cases with an old school maze-style game built into the design. Unlike the games found in the App Store, these simple throwbacks won’t take up any room on your phone’s memory. Simply attach the case and get started. Each of the three versions offers a different nostalgic experience.

The blue and red “Amazing” option offers a classic labyrinth, where players maneuver a small metal ball through one end of a maze to the other. The green and red “Groovy” model requires you to get three balls into the center of a maze at the same time. The third and final case, “Undecided,” which comes in a pink and orange color combination, instructs the user to ask a yes or no question then “hold [the phone] vertically and shoot the ball for a magical answer.”

So if you’re in the market for “device protection with a twist,” the Retro Game Case from PureGear might be just the thing.