Can I delete all text messages in iOS 7 Messages?

Can I delete all text messages in iOS 7 Messages?

iOS messages can take up a lot of space, especially if there are many videos and photos stored in iMessage and text threads. Older messages can accumulate and must be manually removed to free up storage on an iOS device.

iOS 7 has changed the process of deleting individual and multiple text messages. What if you're interested in deleting everything from the iOS 7 Messages app?

Entire message threads from a contact or group can be deleted from the Messages list. Either swipe from right to left and tap Delete, or touch Edit in the upper left corner. Using Edit provides red circles, which can be used to delete a thread.

At this time, there is no way to delete all messages from iOS 7, unless you restore your device as a new iPhone using iTunes.



Well this makes me want to go back to my samsung. So what...I have an iphone but I can't delete all my messages...pathetic!!!

Yeah it is pretty dumb

Still there is a desktop utility called Safe wiper that can zero out/permanently erase already deleted text messages and other data from an iPhone so that no one view them or recover them using iOS data recovery programs. Do checkout this guide for more details:

Well, the Erase ll of iPhone will not completely overwritten your personal data on iPhone, but just make it inaccessible. However what if the hacker crack it?!!!
To ensure the infos secure, we'd better totally overwritten them, like what iMfone Umate Pro does.

ok so i am not sure if this is a permanent solution or not, but i found an app called PhoneClean... you can find a product key for free on youtube... it cleaned up 8gb on my phone i had 9 taken up by bs.... please let me know if this works for anyone else!!!!!

Same here. I have 5 years' worth of text and i messages. Can't believe that I'm going to have to go through them one by one and delete them!

A pc program called iPod/iPhone/iPad Space Free Up from Backuptrans can help. It provides a easy way to permanently delete all messages from iPhone in only a few clicks.

See detail tutorial:

Good luck!

I hate this update. Never should have done it.

Well unfortunately for things to move forward sometimes, you have to take a step back for a period of time. With an entire interface redesign, not every feature that was part of iOS 6 made the transition. iOS 8 should remedy all of these little things and add some new features that are really useful.

Having to update software is inevitable, sorry.

To Erase iPhone Contacts, SMS and Photo Permanently,you must to use a iPhone data eraser software.This use guide about how to deleted iPhone contacts,it can help you erase all contacts from iPhone permanently.
How to Delete iPhone SMS messages Permanently


Here is another method to permanently delete text messages on iPhone, more secure than the default option. Data is totally not recoverable:

Safewiper is pretty secretive about their price... Just spent 20 minutes waiting for it to analyze my iphone files then it tells me to pay $39 if I want to erase the files.. ha!

it's a pity to see Apple's smartness died with Mr. Jobs...

It's a pity you used the word, "smartness".

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