How do I setup the Touch ID sensor on iPhone 5s?

How do I setup the Touch ID sensor on iPhone 5s?

Now that the iPhone 5s has a built-in fingerprint sensor, users can easily secure their devices without the everyday use of a manually entered passcode. Before the Touch ID system can be used, you must set up the system with your fingerprint. To setup Touch ID on the iPhone 5s:

1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Passcode & Fingerprint
2. Select Turn Passcode On and enter a four-digit passcode twice
3. Select Fingerprints -> Add a fingerprint...
4. Place the finger you wish to use for unlocking iOS onto the home button
5. When the iPhone vibrates, lift your finger
6. Repeat steps 5-6 multiple times, until the grey fingerprint turns completely red
7. When complete, you will be prompted to adjust your grip
8. Repeat steps 5-6 repeatedly, this time focusing on the sides of your fingerprint
9. After enough data is collected you will see the "Success" message
10. Touch Continue
11. Passcode Unlock will be enabled (green) on the Fingerprints screen
12. Switch iTunes & App Store ON (green) to use Touch ID with these services

Additional fingerprints can be added to the Touch ID system by repeating the process above.

Note you will be prompted to enter your passcode in the following situations:

To make changes to Passcode & Fingerprint settings
After a restart of your iPhone
After 48 hours or more has gone by without unlocking your iPhone


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