Can I find my iPhone when the battery is dead?

Sometimes when an iOS device goes missing, the Find My app (Find My iPhone before iOS 13) helps to locate and recover the device. Ideally, the battery on the lost iPhone has enough juice for iCloud to track the location live.

In some cases, the lost device has a dead battery or is simply turned off. So does Find My still work? Live tracking will not work, but Find My may still be able to lead you to your missing phone by showing you its last known location.

Instead of a green circle on a map identifying the iPhone's current location, the last known location of the iOS device will be displayed by a grey circle.

last known location
Clicking the grey circle, then clicking the information icon (i) will provide more details, including the last time the device was seen at this location. Unless the lost device is plugged in to charge, the current location cannot be found.

Make sure your iPhone delivers its last known location before the battery dies. Send Last Location is normally enabled by default. You can toggle Send Last Location under Settings (iOS 13 and later):

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Apple ID -> Find My -> Find My iPhone
  2. Toggle Send Last Location -> ON (green switch)
Find My Settings



I lost my Iphone4 2 days ago. It is possible find even when the battery is off?
How can I recover and save my files?
The Iphone4 provides some application to located?
Thank you!

You can find your iPhone when it's dead by purchasing the Locator1 cell phone case. It's a computerized case that comes with a key fob so you can page your phone dead or silent. It's not in stores yet. A professional football player made it.

Do you need to have the case on the phone to use the location service?

The only way to find your phone dead or silent is to buy the Locator1 cell phone case. It's designed to find phones dead or silent bc it has a computer chip in it and it comes with a key fob. Here is the link:

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Hi I don't know where to start with find my iPhone 4s that I lost yesterday at the pool. I didn't know about being able to find my iPhone so I don't have that app on my phone. Am I still able to find it without it???


no you can not sorrry

These people gave you misinfor

These people gave you misinformation. If you updated to the ios 7 it turns it on automatically. You only need the app on the device you are using to track your phone. Wish you had better info sooner.

Can you tell me the step on how to do this?

Its at the pool

no it is gone and i lost mine 42 mounts ago srry

I haven't used Find My iPhone yet and I don't know if it will work. I will have a try later. But I have tried iLostFinder which can be used to prevent your device from power off. You can use it to track your lost phone unless you install it before your phone is gone.

i have the same problen i lost my phone like a week ago and i cant find it the battery is dead the find my phone app wont work cause it only shows u the location for up to 24 hours and i figured that out two days later. my family doesnt even have enough money to buy a new one

I lost my iPhone 4 it's only updated to IOS 7. I lost this phone Thursday

My brother had lost his iPhone and he has the findmyiphone app. His battery is dead and we are using the same email how can I find his phone when the battery is dead and not connected to data or wifi?

Got that problem too. Lost my iPhone 4 September 2014 and haven't found it since. I don't think it works

how cam i find my iphone if the bettery is dead

When I click on my device, the 'old location' button does not appear. Not sure what to do?

I lost my iPhone5 I think about a week ago, but I hadn't realised until now. I haven't had this app before and so my iPhone isn't really linked to it.
My iPhone has ran out of charge.
I don't know if it's been stolen or lost.
Any help? The app isn't really tracking my phone whatsoever...

Ok so I dropped my phone in the toilet and it never came back on and I was wondering if I replaced the battery would it come back on

i lost my iphone5 yesterday night its probably dead who knows how i can get it back

Hi everyone. I went out with a friend and the next day noticed my phone was gone. i have tipped my house upside down trying to find the pink iPhone5c, but still can't find it. My phone is completely out of charge and I'm worried. It had some of my private information on it and so i don't want anyone hacking it. please if you know any way of helping me, Please Please PLEASE reply and help me find my phone.

i lost my iphone 5c and the battery is dead how can i track it down