AT&T Launches In-Store Pickup for Web Purchases

Need a replacement phone or charger in a hurry? AT&T now offers in-store pickup for online orders. The wireless carrier is touting the new service as a way to avoid the wait and expense of shipping that normally follows after buying a product online.

The promotional video above highlights some awkward moments involving the loss or destruction of mobile devices. By clicking to order and then heading down to the local AT&T retail store, these problems are solved fast. Details regarding the new service can be found in the AT&T blog post Delivering Convenience One Click at a Time.

According to AT&T, choosing the store pickup option when shopping online provides a list of nearby stores that have the item in stock. The most conveniently accessible store can be selected when completing the purchase online. In one hour, the item will be ready for pickup at the location requested. Since the product is already paid for, there's no waiting to checkout.

You can even receive a text message when the order is ready, assuming your device isn't lost or broken. Both Apple and Verizon Wireless provide similar programs to help customers get online purchases into their hands more quickly. AT&T Mobility added real-time store inventory data to its website last year, along with the ability to schedule an appointment with retail store employees.