More Details on ZiPhone "True" 1.1.3 Jailbreak/Unlock

More details have emerged regarding the 1.1.3 direct jailbreak/unlock, called ZiPhone, created by Zibri. ZiPhone, which is being referred to as a "true" 1.1.3 jailbreak, specifically the method that the iPhone Dev Team was trying to keep protected until the release of the Official iPhone SDK by Apple, was released yesterday.

As promised, the source code is now available for download on the iPhone Elite Team's website and can checked out via SVN at: ZiPhone itself is also now available for direct download from the iPhone Elite Teams' Google Code page, click here to download ZiPhone.

As mentioned yesterday, ZiPhone can be used to jailbreak an iPhone directly from 1.1.3 without downgrading the phone to an earlier version of firmware. ZiPhone can also unlock the the iPhone, using the geohot method, which means the baseband is still downgraded to a pre-1.1.3 baseband (4.0.2). iPhone owners who jailbreak only will have a normal 1.1.3 baseband (4.0.3).

ZiPhone can also change the iPhone's IMEI, but apparently both the IMEI change and the unlock only work on phones running a 4.6 boot loader (out of the box 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 iPhones).

The ZiPhone jailbreak also installs a working copy of AppTapp ( on the iPhone. Early reports that ZiPhone's AppTapp installation was resulting in broken installations of popular third party applications such as SummerBoard, Erica's Utilities, UIctl, and Sysinfo should no longer be a concern - unless you jailbroke your phone early yesterday this was resolved in an updated release of ZiPhone.

There are still lingering reports of segmentation faults and bus errors for individuals using the OS X version of ZiPhone. If you are having success or failure with the Mac version, let us know.

More to come ...