iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 Confirmed - Developer Admits Leak, NDA Violation

As we reported yesterday, there has been some buzz recently about the iPhone firmware 1.1.4 being available sometime in the near future, perhaps at the same time as the upcoming release of the iPhone SDK. The breadcrumbs provided evidence originated at tiny-code.com, which was formally a repository for unofficial third party applications software. Read yesterday's article for more information.

As it turns out, speculation that the information previously available on Tiny Code's website was likely in violation of a non-disclosure agreement between Tiny Code and Apple was spot on. At least, that is, according to one of Tiny Code's own developers. In a recent post on Macrumors forum, one of Tiny Code's developers stated


One: Yes, I have a copy of the Apple SDK for the iPhone targeting firmware 1.1.4.

Two: Yes, Tiny-Code.com was ordered to be removed from operation by Apple, Inc because by releasing firmware versions and stating I had possession of the firmware and SDK was apparently a violation of the Non-Disclosure Agreement I agreed to when I accepted a copy of the SDK and firmware.

Three: Yes I was wrist-slapped by Apple and won't be included in any further firmware beta's or testing/coding.

And finally, Four: No I cannot disclose any more about anything without getting into more trouble, stating the above is ok because well let's face it, there is documented proof I already have and Apple already backhanded me for it.

Of course, the fact that Apple is working on 1.1.4 should come as no surprise to anyone. That said, the fact that the firmware was already in the hands of developers seemingly increases the chance of a 1.1.4 release accompanying the SDK.

Additionally, the developer stated that he/she did not know on what date the official iPhone SDK would be released (not that he/she would be likely to say otherwise, at this point). Apple has, to no one's suprise, not offered any information in regards to an release date for the SDK (other than "late February") and has not mentioned 1.1.4 at any point.


I'd like to tell this NDA-breaker one thing: DON'T RUIN IT FOR US, GENE!