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Tiny Code Developer Retracts Lies/Rumors about iPhone Firmware 1.1.4

The last couple of days have seen news/rumors about iPhone firmware 1.1.4 swirling about, all based on claims by third party software developers Tiny Code that they were working with iPhone firmware 1.1.4 in preparation for the release of the official iPhone SDK.

iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 Confirmed - Developer Admits Leak, NDA Violation

As we reported yesterday, there has been some buzz recently about the iPhone firmware 1.1.4 being available sometime in the near future, perhaps at the same time as the upcoming release of the iPhone SDK. The breadcrumbs provided evidence originated at tiny-code.com, which was formally a repository for unofficial third party applications software. Read yesterday's article for more information.

As it turns out, speculation that the information previously available on Tiny Code's website was likely in violation of a non-disclosure agreement between Tiny Code and Apple was spot on. At least, that is, according to one of Tiny Code's own developers. In a recent post on Macrumors forum, one of Tiny Code's developers stated

iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 Coming Soon?

We're still relatively early in the life of iPhone firmware 1.1.3, and already there are grumblings about 1.1.4. Apple is anticipated to release the Official iPhone SDK in the very near future, and several are beginning to wonder if a new firmware release - 1.1.4 - will accompany the SDK when it becomes available.

Most of the 1.1.4 conversation revolves around third party iPhone software developer Tiny Code, who recently

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