How do I set repeat alerts for iPhone messages?

How do I set repeat alerts for iPhone messages?

Incoming message alerts can be repeated automatically on the iPhone, for a pre-set number of 2 minute intervals. Setting the number of times a message alert is repeated involves changing the Notification Center settings. Follow these steps:

iOS 7 repeat alerts

1. Navigate to Settings -> Notification Center -> Messages -> Repeat Alerts
2. Select how many times you want to be reminded of each incoming message

As of iOS 7, repeat alerts can only be set for Messages. The two minute interval cannot be changed. To switch off repeat alerts entirely make sure Never is selected under Repeat Alerts.

Jailbreakers can add more flexibility to Notification Center with the tweak NotifyMeAgain. With NotifyMeAgain installed, users can snooze notifications from any app for a specified length of time.