How can I assign an iPhone ringtone to a specific contact?

How can I choose a custom ring tone for a contact on iPhone? Does iOS let me pick a different ringtone for contacts?

Sometimes you want to hear a special ringtone for specific callers. To assign a ringtone other than the default ringtone to a contact follow these steps:

  1. Open your Contacts list.
  2. Select the name of the contact to customize.
  3. Touch the Edit button. Scroll down and select ringtone.
  4. Choose the desired ringtone from the list. You will hear the ringtone.
  5. Press the Done button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  6. Tap the Done button again.
  7. Now when that contact calls you will hear the new ringtone.


Thank you for this invaluable info. I was woken at 6am on Easter Sunday with a txt from a "you have won $200,000". I followed the steps and have allocated a silent ringtone. iphone should have been designed with blocking system.

They have been designed with a blocking system... its called Do Not Disturb.

Thank you so much for this - very useful. I can finally assign silent ringtones to charities that call me every freaking day.

When you have chosen the ringtones, tap Done twice to save the changes. Since you have set different tones for the contact, the options will be available in the contact’s detail page for quicker access next time.

The detail page will then switch to edit mode with editable fields. Find the Ringtone and Text Tone options in the list, tap on the corresponding option, and choose one of the available ringtones in the list. The number of ringtones included with the system is quite limited. If you want more ringtones, you can purchase them from the iTunes store. There is a Buy More Tones option at the top of the list that takes you to the store directly.

So easy to do...if someone tells you how!
Thank you!

How can i set the songs which i have added thriugh itunes as a ringone for a specific contact

Thank you so much for the easiest information about personal ringtones.

Thank you so much for the easiest information about personal ringtones.