8GB Refurbished iPhones on Sale for $249 via AT&T

There was a smattering of unconfirmed reports last week that indicated AT&T was selling off refurbished iPhones at a significantly discounted price at seemingly random retail outlets throughout the country. The reported price of $249 is considerably lower than the price at which Apple sells their refurbs ($349). According to Engadget, these reports have all but been confirmed and AT&T is now selling these to the masses via their online store.

Though reports from last week indicated that you could possibly purchase the refurbished phones in person without

signing up for a contract, in order to take advantage of the $249 price on the refurbished 8GB iPhone via AT&T's website, you'll need to sign up for service or extend your existing contract with AT&T.

If you're one of the folks that stood in line on release day last June in order to drop $599 for the 8GB model, you may wince at the $350 price difference, but such is the gamble with early adoption of new technology -- especially when it comes to handsets.

You can order the 8GB Refurbished iPhone direct from AT&T's online store.


I just wanted to say thanks for being the only iphone website (I frequent) that is displaying this great deal.....I just ordered mine.

bah! I ordered a refurb from Apple just two weeks ago. Hmm.. I wonder if I can return it still and save $100 by buying from AT&T.

anyone know if these iphones were refurbished by Apple or AT&T?

I just ordered one. AT&T told me they are Apple refurbished and come with the same warranty as a brand new iPhone.

Where did you find it? I used the link and searched refurb phones and never found the iPhone.

Looks like the 8GB refurbs are temporarily out of stock.