AT&T Offers Refurb iPhones: $100 Discount

The refurbished iPhones are back! Now available through the AT&T website. Both iPhone 3G models, the 8GB and 16GB, are available with free two-day shipping. Including the refurb discount, this puts the price of an 8GB model at $99 and the 16GB at $199.

Besides being a great deal, the phones come with a warranty of at least 90 days. Apple can provide more details about the specific length of your warranty on their website if you provide the serial number. According to AT&T, these refurbished devices are previously owned, and have been unused or lightly used and returned within the 30-day trial period.

Each refurbished iPhone is quality tested and has the latest software updates installed. If you don't mind the possibility of a few minor scuffs, pocket that $100 and get your iPhone while refurb supplies last.

The purchase of these iPhones requires a two-year contract, $36 activation fee, and the purchase of an iPhone monthly data plan ($30/month) in addition to a calling plan and optional text messaging plan. AT&T policy states that data plans must remain on your bill for the life of the iPhone.

The refurbished iPhone 3G includes a USB cable, charger, headphones and user manual.