What is the iPhone 6s release date?

What is the iPhone 6s release date?

Apple continues its annual update cycle with the iPhone 6s launch. Despite the occasional rumor of a summer release, the release date is during fall 2015.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are available for pre-order on September 12. The device ships on September 25.

Since moving to the fall iPhone launch schedule, dates have been as follows:
iPhone 4S: Friday October 14, 2011
iPhone 5: Friday September 21, 2012
iPhone 5s: Friday September 20, 2013
iPhone 6: Friday September 19, 2014

The iPhone 6s will include enhancements such as the next generation A9 processor, increased RAM (2GB), camera enhancements, and more. The exterior resembles the current iPhone 6, however Apple now offers a rose gold model.

Rumors that Apple would skip the 6s name, going right to iPhone 7 have been debunked.