What sizes do Apple Watch bands come in?

What sizes do Apple Watch bands come in?

Apple Watch bands come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different wrist circumferences. Once the distance around the wearer's wrist has been measured, an appropriate band can be selected from the sizing guide. Below is a list of band sizes available at the initial launch of Apple Watch (case size, wrist size):

Apple Watch band sizing

Classic Buckle
38mm, 125-200mm
42mm, 145-215mm

Leather Loop
42mm, 150-185mm
42mm, 180-210mm

Link Bracelet
38mm, 135-195mm
42mm, 140-205mm

Milanese Loop
38mm, 130-180mm
42mm, 150-200mm

Modern Buckle
38mm, 135-150mm
38mm, 145-165mm
38mm, 160-180mm

Sport Band
38mm, 130-180mm
38mm, 150-200mm
42mm, 140-185mm
42mm, 160-210mm

View the complete Apple Watch band sizing guide here.


I measured my watch band. It is 9 inches and like three lines. I put it in the second hole from the last. Which is 8 something: I do not think even the biggest band will fit my wrist. How much would Apple charge for a larger band? For a watch that costs like $600, you should be able to use your own band. Guess I'll wait on the watch.