Apple Watch Hermès collection now available online

Apple Watch Hermès collection

Since last October, getting the designer Apple Watch from Hermès required a visit to the store. Not just any store either, as the exclusive Hermès collection was only carried at a limited number of locations. This has all changed, with the collection now available on the Apple Store online and at These unique versions of the Apple Watch are the result of a partnership between Apple and the Paris-based luxury goods manufacturer.

The collection includes three different leather bands, handmade by Hermès artisans working in France. Overall, there are four different watches to chose from with varying sizes and colors.

Double Tour

The Double Tour wraps twice around the wrist. The 38mm case is made of 316L stainless steel, while the strap comes in four different colors: fauve barenia (brown), étain (grey), capucine (red), and bleu jean (blue). The face is sapphire crystal and the back is ceramic. The handmade leather band features a stainless steel buckle. Pricing for the Double Tour is $1,250.

Single Tour

Looking for a classic designer watch band? The Single Tour fits the bill, with two 316L stainless steel case sizes to choose from:

The 38mm starts at $1,100 and is available with three different colored bands: fauve, Noir (black), or capucine.

The larger 42mm Single Tour comes in two colors: fauve or noir. Both the 38mm and 42mm feature a sapphire crystal face, ceramic back and a stainless steel buckle.


Hermès most unique offering may be the Cuff. This style watch is designed with a wider strap that the company describes as inspired by equestrian fittings. Despite its width, the Cuff is specially designed to allow wrist contact with the Apple Watch heart monitoring sensors. This variation only comes in one size and color: a 42mm 316L stainless steel case and a fauve strap. The Cuff also features a palladium plated etriviere buckle and goes for $1,500.

All Hermès Apple Watches have exclusive customizable watch faces, with three Apple-designed typefaces and three options to control how many numerals are shown (12, 4 or 1). There are also three different complications to choose from: stopwatch, date, and world clock.

Time will tell (pun intended) whether Apple cultivates additional partnerships with the fashion world in future generations of the Apple Watch.