Apple Removes $1,000 Scam Application from iPhone AppStore

German software developer Armin Heinrich is perplexed why his application, "I am Rich", was removed from the iPhone AppStore without warning or communication from Apple. The application showed up recently in the AppStore's Lifestyle section, priced at $999.99 -- the highest price allowed by Apple for an iPhone application. Naturally, you're wondering what "I am Rich" does for nearly a thousand dollars, no? Well, once you've shelled out your grand, installed, and launched the application -- you get a picture of a ruby on your screen. That's it.

i am rich iphone app

Somehow, 8 individuals were dumb/clumsy enough to have purchased the application before Apple could

yank it out of the store. This lands $5,600 in Heinrich's pocket and $2,400 in Apple's. As Apple hasn't commented on the matter yet, there's no word on whether Apple plans to refund the money to the unfortunate buyers of "I am Rich", or whether they will issue refunds.

According to statements made in an email to the Los Angeles Times, Heinrich said he had "no idea" why Apple had removed his application because he wasn't aware of breaking any rules. Apparently, Apple failed to add being deceptive, predatory, and a douche bag to its list of reasons a developer may have his/her application removed from the AppStore.

Rules or no rules, efforts to argue against Apple's action protecting their customers will likely fall flat.

[via CNET]


I thought that the application was clever. It clearly stated that the app had no purpose but to display the ruby, and if you touched another part of the application it displayed a mantra that would help keep you wealthy and healthy. It got him recognition, and I don't think he did it to be malicious; he did it because he knew a few people would buy it. Had I the $1000 just lying about, I may have done the same thing; purchased it just to say I had.

You're out of your fucking mind.

ya what the hell is wrong withu

lmfao, they should be refundes. Its a very bad and expensive joke, in tought apple Said thats apps wont cost more than 9.99 bucks they sux

wow... cant really sense an opinion in your article, for or against it?

I agree with other commenter, this was a "showoff" application rather than a "scam" application, not intended to trick customers into spending a grand rather giving them the status when they have...

"Apple failed to add being deceptive, predatory, and a douche bag"

gotta love neutral articles

Anyone who would purchase such an application and then "show it off" as a example of their status needs to be put straight into a mental institution, not into some elite club of wealthy iPhone geeks.

Seriously, right to the crazy house. Don't even stop for red lights or old ladies.

WTF are you kidding me? That means 99% of iphone owners need to be put away. There are phones on the market with better features for less money on the market now. Owning an iphone is all about status. I am surprised this guy only sold 8 copies before Apple nerfed him.

Yes, clearly buying an iPhone - a revolutionary electronic device - for between $200 and $600 is the same thing as buying a piece of completely useless software for it for $1,000.

Solid point.

caveat emptor.
Unfair to the developer, beware of Big Brother