What phrases invoke screen effects in the Messages app?

Apple introduced full screen animations in the messages app with the release of iOS 10. iPhone users can send other iOS users nine different animations such as balloons, confetti and fireworks through the Messages app. These animations can be individually selected and attached to any text message, or automatically triggered by typing key phrases. Apple hasn't released an official list of what phrases invoke what screen effects, but they did demo the Happy Birthday feature at WWDC 2016. Typing the phrase "Happy Birthday" in the Messages app will trigger the balloons effect on devices running iOS 10 or later.

Here are some other key phrases and the effect they trigger. Please let us know if you found anymore in the comment section below this post.

  • Happy Birthday - Balloons
  • Congratulations - Confetti
  • Happy New Year - Fireworks
  • Happy Chinese New Year - Celebration


happy new year = fireworks!

Typing "eat me" reveals a moving parade float that looks like a cake with a phallus on it.

Nah it doesn't!

Fuck you i just sent that to my friends little sister

Turn it off dumb idea

love this. it kept me amused for few minutes. shame there's only 3 phrases.

Try Happy Chinese New Year

“fast” makes “wind”

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