Does Night Shift remove as much blue light as f.lux?

How does iOS Night Shift brightness compare to f.lux?

f.lux vs Night Shift

Long time users of f.lux may be wondering how Apple's Night Shift, introduced with iOS 9.3 compares when it comes to displaying warmer tones at night.

When placed side by side, devices running f.lux are capable of warmer tones. The maximum night setting in f.lux is Candle, which is two steps below the maximum Night Shift hue. Night Shift only goes down to what f.lux defines as Incandescent.

F.lux offers Dim incandescent and Candle, which remove more blue from the iPhone screen. For comparison, the normal daytime setting on the iPhone display is the brightest and bluest in the following temperature spectrum offered by f.lux:

Normal (most blue)
Midday Sun
Incandescent (iOS Night Shift's warmest color)
Dim Incandescent
Candle (least blue, f.lux's warmest color)