Does the iPhone 7 come with a headphone adapter?

The iPhone 7 does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Will Apple ship a Lightning adapter for my existing headphones?

iPhone 7 box

Apple made a bold move by abandoning the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Digital audio will be delivered via Lightning connector on an included pair of Lightning EarPods. But what about using a 3.5mm set of headphones with the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus?

The iPhone 7 does indeed ship with an included Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter. Here's what's in the box:

- iPhone with iOS 10
- EarPods with Lightning Connector
- Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter
- Lightning to USB Cable
- USB Power Adapter
- Documentation



My iPhone 7 didn't come with a headphone jack adapter.

Neither did my IPhone 7. And I jos repurchased it 2 weeks ago. I had. Purchased 2 headphone adapters and I have gotten an error message with both. They will not woke. My iPhone doesn't support this devise. Not a happy iPhone user right now!

My iPhone 7 did not come with the adapter either. And I absolutely HATE the EarPods with the lightening connector that came with it. I just want to use my old headphones and now I have to pay even more money for either wireless headphones or an adapter that I should've received?

The included headphones are so large and actually hurt my ears.

I also did not receive an adapter with my iPhone 7S Plus. What I do believe is the ppl at the stores are taking them. I probably sound crazy but why didn't I get an adapter??? They are the ones who open the box & the guy who help me opened my box in the back I never thought twice about & actually thought I had to purchase them on my own. Now I know the truth.

My Iphone 7 did not include the adapter. There was only one left of the color I wanted and clearly it had been taken out of the box ahead of time. I didn't realize it until later. Very disappointing.