Apple adds new iPhone photography tutorials

Apple continues to expand on its series of iPhone photography tutorials after launching the project earlier this month. Titled "How to Shoot on iPhone 7", the series features 40-second instructional videos highlighting the capabilities of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cameras.

In addition to the special page on Apple's website, the company is adding the videos to its official YouTube page. With the addition of four new videos, there are now 20 photography tutorials featured.

The latest photography videos added to the collection include How to Convert to Black & White, How to Shoot with Zoom on iPhone 7 Plus, How to Shoot a Horizon, and How to Capture an Intimate Moment. The complete series has tips and tricks that are useful for camera novices and experienced iPhone photographers alike.

Each video offers step-by-step instructions on the highlighted feature or method. Examples range from How to Shoot a Great Portrait to How to Shoot Without a Flash, How to Capture a Unique Angle, and How to Shoot a Selfie with the Timer. Check out the full series at How to Shoot on iPhone 7.