Capture RAW images with Adobe Lightroom and iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus camera

Adobe Lightroom has long provided iOS users with the ability to edit professional-quality images directly on the iPhone. The latest update brings new features designed to take advantage of iOS 10 and even more so the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Hot off the presses, Lightroom 2.5.2 adds RAW capture support from directly within the app.

Adobe has fully integrated the lens and sensor profiles specific to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus into the latest version of Lightroom. Color, noise and lens profiles have been customized for iPhone 7 and Plus DNG files, and the app has been optimized for iPhone 7 hardware. Lightroom can even utilize the iPhone 7 Plus telephoto camera.

DNG support had previously been added to Lightroom for iPhone earlier this month. With these updates, Adobe has also included support for the wide color gamut (P3) display on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. In addition to the usual bug fixes and general improvements, these changes provide cutting edge image capture and editing power taking full advantage of the Apple iPhone 7 and Plus.

Why capture RAW image files? Taking a photo with Lightroom and recording the information in DNG format keeps more information from the image sensor. This allows Lightroom and other photo editing applications to offer more control when making changes to the image later. Image quality will also be improved, however the files take up more space since they are not compressed like default JPG files.

Find Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for iPhone free on the App Store. Version 2.5.2 requires 112 MB of storage space and iOS 9.3 or later to install. To use DNG format iOS 10 and an iPhone 6s or later is required.