Apple adds Memories to Photos tutorial collection

Apple How to Shoot on iPhone 7

Apple continues to add tutorials to its video collection directed at iPhone photographers. From the basics to useful pro tips, there are now over 20 step-by-step instructional videos in How to shoot on iPhone 7. The latest additions showcase the Memories feature of the iOS Photos app. Memories was added with iOS 10, along with other highlights such as the People folder in Albums.

Memories is designed to automatically generate compilations of photos and videos using content from your iOS camera roll. In fact, to use Memories you can simply open the Photos app, tap Memories and press play. Of course, the usefulness of Memories doesn't stop there. Apple's latest tutorials illustrate how to customize Memories and how to share Memories with others.

How to customize Memories on iPhone 7

This video shows how to utilize preset "moods" to change the flavor of a video, which adjusts the tone of the music and style of the titles. Advanced users can wield more control over how Memories composes its videos, however these functions are not detailed in the tutorial.

How to share Memories on iPhone 7

Sharing Memories happens much like sharing other content, through the Share Sheet. iOS users will recognize this procedure, which can send Memories to contacts via Facebook, Messages, email and more.

Just last month, Apple added to the collection with four tutorials, including How to Convert to Black & White and How to Shoot with Zoom on iPhone 7 Plus. Look for more photography tips and tricks at How to shoot on iPhone 7 or on Apple's YouTube page.