Apple Introduces MobileMe iDisk iPhone App

For those iPhone users with a MobileMe account, Apple has released a free application called iDisk. This utility allows iPhone users running iPhone OS 3.0 and later to view and share the contents of their MobileMe iDisk on the go.

iPhone supported file types are viewable in landscape or portrait, and can be zoomed in using standard pinch gestures. Using the Share button, MobileMe subscribers can send emails with links to large files without even downloading the file. Public folders are also accessible using the iDisk application.

View files on your iDisk
Access Public folders
Easily share files from your iPhone
Quickly access recently viewed files
View iPhone-supported file types-including iWork, Office, PDF, QuickTime and more. (Files larger than 20MB may not be viewable.)

MobileMe subscriptions run $99/year and include 20GB of combined email and file storage and 200GB of monthly data transfer.

iPhone-specific features of MobileMe include Find My iPhone, Remote Wipe, and direct photo and video publishing in your MobileMe Gallery.