More Apple iPhone price rumors, $999?

The Apple iPhoneToday, the daily grind of iPhone non-news and rumors have brought us some new speculation about the sale price of the iPhone come it's release in June.

It's been well established that the price for the 4GB and 8GB iPhone will be $499 and $599 respectively, when the purchaser agrees to a 2 year contract (or contract extension) with Apple's iPhone release partner, AT&T. Higher prices for customers hoping to purchase a mobile phone without signing a contract are the norm in the industry. Service providers sell many phone models for 1-2 hundred dollars more for contract vs. non-contract pricing. Rumors surfacing today from a technology blog, Technojunkie, indicate that a AT&T/Cingular salesperson provided them with non-contract prices of $899 and $999 (4GB/8GB).

This represents a large increase over previously rumored non-contract prices of $699 and $799.



Anything more thane the early termination fee above the org. price would mean people will just buy and terminate!

I think we're more likely to see the $699 and $799 prices, anyway.

Exaggerated rumors are the most common kind, but who knows ...

Few people are going to pay that much for a phone in the US. Theres no chance of this phone being sold without a contract or service through AT&T. Its exclusive to At&t in the US. These are rumors just to try and justify the already high price of $499 and $599.

It is quite obvious, the cell phone carriers do not give a darn about which phone you chose, as they get a percentage from the manufacturers on the sale of phones. They are concerned with and ONLY concerned with the selling of contracts! That is where they make the real money and that is why when your cell phone breaks (Soon to be a former Verizon customer) that they do not give you a free replacement(*Note free replacements could be a $20.00 refurbished phone) even if you are only 1 month away from contract renewal! (A**holes this is why I am leaving them by the way) The others are no better. Just wait until you drop and break your iPhone. Who is covering it Apple(One can only hope, because they actual look to customer satisfaction and retention.) Cingular/AT&T will say that they will give you the in contract price for the purchase of a new phone provided that you purchase/extend your existing contract.) Here are the numbers: Monthly Service for the least expensive family plan is about $60.00 that equates to $720.00 per year for the first line and additional $100.00 per year for a second line etc.. that doesn't include ANY data plan. If you also want surf the net and get mail it will cost you about another $60.00/mth so your total per year for 2 lines and data plans for both numbers is about $1,600.00. You would think that if you get a sucker to pay you $$$ you would at least take care of them!

do somebody knows when we can get iPhone in europe?

I have looked at all of the articles that have been published about the new iphone and there have been so many contradictions about it that I don't know who to believe. Some say its only going to be in the U.S. but others say that they are talking about it on the German Amazon. I just hope that they lower the prices after they realize that not many people want to pay 5 or 6 hundred dollars for a phone.

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