AT&T, Apple Preparing iPhone Store Displays

cingstore.jpgAlthough many details about the launch of the Apple iPhone are still unknown, it appears as though AT&T wireless stores may be gearing up for the release by preparing for in-store iPhone displays.

According to details released yesterday by The Boy Genius Report, demands for the iPhone displays are forcing many stores to rewire. Sources indicated that the iPhone displays will require a dedicated power supply as well as networked internet access. Additionally, indications were that the displays would be very large - 3 feet wide and as tall as 7 feet.

All of this would lead to the assumptions that the new displays will be big and impressive, as AT&T and Apple attempt to wow customers with the to be released device. Presumably, the network access indicates that stores plan to demonstrate the iPhone's internet browsing and other wireless connectivity via a WiFi connection, instead of Cingular's EDGE network which the iPhone will use whenever a WiFi hotspot is not available (most of the time for the majority of users). Hopefully this doesn't lead customers to draw innacurate conclusions about the iPhone's data speeds.

The fact that stores are already preparing for displays suggest, according to the report, that in-store demonstrations might begin as soon as a few weeks from now. Wait and see. We will be

You can read the full report from The Boy Genius Report here.




I am just wondering how I can get an iPhone here in Canada. I am a Rogers customer at present.


I hope this means a release sooner than end of June.

hi.. im wonderin as well of how i can order the iphone from here in U.K. im here in london at the moment.