Apple to offer deals on Black Friday

Apple Black Friday

Apple fans may have been disappointed last year, since the company did not run its annual Black Friday event. Now it appears Apple is poised to offer special 2016 holiday discounts on its products for one day only. With the tag line "Friday can't come soon enough," Apple features an Apple Watch showing November 25 on its storefront.

The official holiday shopping page says that Apple's "one-day shopping event" will arrive on Friday, however there are no specifics on what that means. In the past, Black Friday promotions have meant discounts on some of Apple's most popular products such as the iPad, or $100 gift cards with the purchase of a new Mac. In 2013 the company offered specials on bundled gift cards.

Apple's holiday store offers free two-day shipping on most items, and includes special holiday gift collections. The collections help simplify online shopping and include these categories:

  • Apple gifts
  • Music gifts
  • Photography gifts
  • Games & Toys

In addition there is a special section devoted to gift cards. Apple is also promoting its free Apple Store app for iOS devices and Apple Watch. The company describes the Apple Store app as the "fastest way to to shop our one-day event".

For those who prefer to shop in person on Black Friday, some Apple retail stores are offering extended shopping hours on November 25th. Those looking for larger discounts on Apple products should be sure to shop around, as some third-party retailers offer better pricing than Apple on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.