Avoid the Crowds With iPhone Mall Maps

Looking to get in and out of your local mall as quickly as possible this holiday season? A new iPhone app from Medl Mobile will give you the tools to buy the goods and plan your escape. No more wandering, window shopping or searching for a map.

Mall Maps is worth $2.99 if you're looking for an efficient shopping experience. The Mall Maps database contains over 1,000 shopping centers in 50 states across the US. If you can't find the mall itself, this app will let you know where the closest malls are using GPS and give you directions.

Your iPhone will display a detailed floor plan of every mall, complete with the store list and corresponding map numbers. Stores can be added to a list of favorites and categorized by mall for quick access.

Besides having the location and map of each mall, the application also includes the phone number of every store within each mall. The main number, address and website of each mall is also available within the app.

With the approach of Black Friday, Mall Maps is surging in popularity this week along with other iPhone shopping apps offered on Apple's App Store.