More Apple iPhone Release Speculation: Available June 15th?

apple_iphone1.jpgNew information available today indicates that AT&T is gearing up for a month long launch cycle for the iPhone beginning on June 15th and ending on July 15th.

This comes via a new internal AT&T employee memo, released today by The Boy Genius Report - the folks who recently reported on the preparation of large elaborate store displays being undertaken at AT&T retail locations.

This latest document is internal communication to AT&T retail employees which strongly encourages that all pre-planned time off be taken before or after the month long launch period. The email states:

"To ensure proper staffing during the product launch period, Sales personnel planning to take approved time off are encouraged to schedule their vacations before June 15 or after July 15 to participate in the iPhone launch."

The document may or may not indicate much about the release. AT&T and Apple have already made it perfectly clear that the iPhone will be available in "late June". The fact that the established launch cycle seems to be June 15-July 15 may even indicate that the iPhone is more likely to be available after June 15 - with the early portions of the launch cycle devoted to employee and retail preparation.

In any event, more to chew and obsess over.

You can read the full memo and article from The Boy Genius report here.



do you know if AT&T stores will be open at midnight the day of launch in anticipation of long lines?

I sincerely doubt it. That would be great publicity for them though. Would get tons of news coverage.