How can I track the coronavirus (COVID-19) or any infectious disease on my iPhone?

Both the CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) have apps on the Apple App Store.

The CDC app includes the most up to date health information from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

The Who Info app includes WHo news, stories, factsheets and disease outbreak updates.

Both the CDC app and >Who Info currently feature information about the 2020 coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak around the world.

The CDC app is recommended over the WHO app. It features information on the virus, tips if you're feeling sick, how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and more.

For the coronavirus exclusively, you can download the HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker. This app includes an "Infected," "Recovered" and "Deaths" trackers, a COVID-19 map, a curated COVID-19 Twitter feed, and a chat. The COVID-19 tracker breaks down WHO confirmed cases, deaths and self reported positive cases.

COVID-19 Tracker