How to find COVID-19 vaccination sites on Apple Maps

Apple Maps Coronavirus vaccine sites

Apple Maps has been updated with COVID-19 vaccination locations around the country. Previously, the Maps app offered directions to Coronavirus testing sites. Thanks to data from VaccineFinder, Apple users can easily search for vaccine sites right from the Maps app.

The feature was announced by Apple this week, and offers facility operating hours and other important information for each site.

Ask Siri

The easiest way to find vaccination locations is to ask Siri, "Where can I get a COVID vaccination?" Siri will provide a button to launch Apple Maps.

Find Nearby

Another quick way to see locations where COVID vaccines might be available is to launch Maps and tap the Search bar. Under Find Nearby there's a shortcut for COVID-19 Vaccines. Tap this shortcut to immediately populate the map with nearby vaccination sites. Tap a location from the map or list to see more information, including hours, phone number, and appointment information.

Siri has also been updated with local restaurant details, such as whether an eatery offers outdoor dining or take out options. Many restaurants have expanded these two options since the pandemic to keep their businesses running and customers safer while dining out.

The number of locations where Coronavirus shots are available will increase as more doses become available and more people are eligible to receive the vaccine. Once a nearby site is found on Apple Maps, contact the site to determine eligibility requirements and appointment scheduling details.