How to find COVID-19 testing sites in Apple Maps

Apple Maps COVID-19 testing

Apple Maps features a section dedicated to COVID-19 testing centers. Hospitals and testing facilities can add their data to Apple Maps using a special registration page. Anyone looking for a COVID-19 test in the United States can see a list of nearby options in Apple Maps on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Detailed information for each site, including hours and a contact phone number may be provided. Much like other place categories, such as Fast Food and Gas Stations, COVID-19 testing sites can be found in a specific region by scrolling the map. Some test locations may require an appointment or a referral from a healthcare provider.

Follow these steps to see COVID-19 testing sites in Apple Maps:

  1. Launch the Apple Maps app, then tap the Search bar
  2. Apple Maps COVID-19 testing 1
  3. Search for COVID-19 or just tap "COVID-19 Testing" under Search Nearby
  4. Apple Maps COVID-19 testing 2
  5. Testing locations in your area are listed and shown on the map
  6. Apple Maps COVID-19 testing 3
  7. Tap a testing site for detailed information and hours
  8. Apple Maps COVID-19 testing 4