Fight COVID-19 with your iPhone while you sleep

DreamLab iOS COVID-19 research

Looking for a way to help fight the Coronavirus pandemic? iPhone and iPad owners can easily put their devices to work overnight. Most of us plug in the iPhone to charge while we're sleeping, and it sits idle. With DreamLab installed, the processor can be used during this time to help fast track research into ways to defeat COVID-19. DreamLab runs on thousands of mobile devices to perform vital health research every night.

To start, grab DreamLab free on the App Store. Once installed, the app downloads small parts of the current research project to work on, sending back the completed tasks as they are finished. The more people people who install DreamLab on their devices, the faster these projects can find the right drugs and treatments.

As soon as your iPhone is plugged in for the night to charge, DreamLab starts working. DreamLab can be configured to support different projects, and participants can choose to cap the monthly cellular data used or limit the app to Wi-Fi only.

Several social media tags are being promoted in conjunction with the DreamLab app:

  • #SleepLikeAHero
  • #FightCOVID19InYourSleep
  • #DreamTeam

Other ways to fight COVID-19 with your iPhone include activating Exposure Notifications on your device, if the service is available in your area. Apple Maps can be used to find a COVID-19 testing site in your local area with a few taps.

DreamLab normally supports cancer research, but the app has been temporarily dedicating the processing power of thousands of iPhones and iPads to fighting Coronavirus. You can learn more about DreamLab from the Vodafone Foundation.