Apple Could Launch 8GB iPhone 3GS

Rumors of an 8GB iPhone 3GS were shot down this summer after Canadian carrier Rogers accidentally made the nonexistent handset available on their website. Now an iPhone user in Germany claims to have received this packaging label on his refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G.

iphone 3GS 8GB

This may be evidence that Apple plans to ditch the 8GB 3G model for an 8GB capacity 3GS. The move would make sense as a new iPhone 4.0 model is expected in summer of 2010.

Apple similarly offered the 8GB 3G model for $99 in 2009 after launching the brand new iPhone 3GS. Of course the packaging didn't show up until it matched the product inside.

Gizmodo reports that after examining the iPhone inside the package the user determined it was indeed what he ordered: a refurbished iPhone 3G 8GB model running firmware 3.0.1.

If Apple sent the incorrect packaging or printed a typo on the label, there must be more iPhone 3G buyers who have received the same error. Otherwise file this under unconfirmed.