AT&T Restructures iPhone Service Plans

AT&T has announced a drop in pricing on the unlimited voice and data plan for iPhone. Previously, iPhone owners could purchase unlimited calling minutes and data for $130 monthly. The new unlimited plan drops this price by $30 to $100 per month.

The company subsequently dropped their Nation 1350 plan, which had offered 1350 calling minutes and unlimited data for $110. The next step down on the plan ladder is now the Nation 900 plan, offering 900 calling minutes and unlimited data for $90.

Text messaging is still billed separately from data. An unlimited text plan goes for $20 additional per month. Unlike rollover minutes, where unused minutes are added to your allowance at the end of the billing cycle, there are no rollover text messages.

AT&T made the unlimited plan pricing adjustments after Verizon Wireless cut the prices of their unlimited plans. With competition between the two networks ramping up this may be only the first salvo in a longer wireless price war.