Can I make a FaceTime call with Apple TV?

How can I use Apple TV for FaceTime? Can I join a FaceTime call on Apple TV?

Apple TV

No, the Apple TV cannot be used to place or join a FaceTime call.

iPhone and iPad owners can use Screen Mirroring before initiating a FaceTime call. In this way, the FaceTime call can be displayed on the Apple TV. Just remember that the iPhone or iPad camera is still being used for the call.

FaceTime callers can also use SharePlay to watch content from supported video streaming apps. This feature allows FaceTime participants to watch the video on their own TVs in sync with everyone else while still on the call.

The Apple TV and Apple TV 4K hardware plugs directly into a television using HDMI. While it may be possible in theory to connect an external camera accessory, there is no official support for this feature. With stock tvOS installed, the Apple TV lacks a web browser and does not include the FaceTime app.

Other options make video calling on a TV possible, however the Apple TV does not currently support this purpose.