Deal: Get a $50 gift card with new Apple TV

Apple TV hardware

Apple customers in the US can enjoy a special promotion for the next two weeks on new purchases of Apple TV hardware. Buying an Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K until July 14 delivers a bonus gift card direct from Apple. The $50 Apple gift card arrives via email shortly after purchasing an Apple TV unit on the Apple online store.

That's right, this deal is only available to individuals purchasing an Apple TV online. The same gift card promotion is not applicable to in-store retail purchases. Purchases from the Apple online store are delivered to your doorstep with free shipping.

How to use a $50 Apple gift card

Once the gift card arrives via email, the $50 credit can be used for iCloud storage, subscriptions, songs, movies, apps, and more. You can directly add the $50 to your Apple ID balance for use across Apple's stores.

You can also redeem the gift card right on your new Apple TV for various purchases.

The quickest and easiest way to redeem the gift card is to tap or click the Redeem Now button in the promo email from Apple.

When can I get the deal?

Apple is running the special promotion through July 14, 2022. So act now if you're in the market for a new Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K. After your new device arrives, check here for all the latest Apple TV tips and tricks.

Current Apple TV models and pricing

  • Apple TV HD: $149
  • Apple TV 4K 32GB: $179
  • Apple TV 4K 64GB: $199