How to update Apple TV remote firmware

Siri Remote

Apple continues to update its products, big and small. The Siri Remote for Apple TV (2nd gen) is no different. Even a remote control can be wirelessly updated with new firmware when it becomes available. While Apple does not list features or bug fixes included in these under-the-radar updates, the remote automatically installs its own firmware when certain conditions are met.

In this case, the second generation Siri Remote is moving from August 2021 firmware version 9M6772 (0x0061) to the latest version number 10M1103 (0x0070). While no action is needed from Apple TV owners, there are ways to check the firmware number and make sure the remote updates.

Update the Apple TV Siri Remote

While Apple does not provide any instructions on how to update a remote control, there are a few steps you can take to initiate the process:

  1. Connect the Siri Remote to a Lightning cable to charge
  2. On the Apple TV navigate to Settings -> System -> Restart
  3. Wait for the Apple TV to restart
  4. When done, leave the Siri Remote plugged in and click a button on the remote
  5. The firmware update will be installed

Check the Siri Remote firmware version

  1. On the Apple TV, navigate to Settings -> Remotes and Devices
  2. Click Remote and check Firmware Version