How to set up multiple accounts on Apple TV

Apple TV hardware

The Apple TV and Apple TV 4K can be personalized for different users sharing the device. Once different user accounts are created, each person watching Apple TV will enjoy their own profile with viewing histories and recommendations. While switching accounts does not change the app layout on the home screen, it will customize the Up Next and other sections of tvOS based on viewing habits. You can switch Apple TV profiles with two clicks on the Siri remote.

To set up multiple user accounts on tvOS, turn on your Apple TV and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Users and Accounts
  2. Apple TV accounts
  3. Choose Add New User
  4. Apple TV accounts 1
  5. Click Add User to This Apple TV
  6. Apple TV accounts 2
  7. Select a previously used Apple ID, or click Enter New...
  8. Apple TV accounts 3
  9. Sign in with the Apple ID password and verify two-factor authentication
  10. To switch between accounts, long press the Apple TV app button on the Siri remote
  11. Apple TV remote
  12. Account names and icons appear in the space above the Sleep button
  13. Apple TV accounts 4