How to get Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video Grand Tour

After months of waiting, Apple TV owners with Amazon Prime subscriptions can now skip AirPlay. The tvOS App Store features Amazon Prime Video, a stand-alone app bringing thousands of movies and TV shows to streaming directly on the Apple TV. Both fourth-generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K models support the app, which is a free download on the App Store. Support will also be provided for the third-generation Apple TV with no App Store access.

To get Amazon Prime Video on your Apple TV follow these steps:

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Install the Amazon Prime Video app
  3. Launch the Amazon Prime Video app
  4. Enter your Amazon Prime account name and password (web verification may be required)
  5. Watch content from the Amazon Prime Video library

Amazon Prime Video not appearing on your third-generation Apple TV? Check for a software update.

Not only can Prime subscribers watch their favorite shows directly on the Apple TV, but watchlists are synced between devices. Other highlights include support for Apple's TV app and voice searching for content with the Siri Remote. Amazon originals, purchased content and currently available movies are all available for streaming with a $99 annual Prime subscription.

Previously, Apple TV owners had to AirPlay Prime video content from an iOS device to watch it on the big screen. Competition between Apple and Amazon meant that Amazon stopped selling the Apple TV and Prime never made it onto tvOS. Watch for more changes ahead, as Prime has finally arrived on the App Store.

Amazon Prime subscribers also enjoy free two-day shipping on a multitude of products available on Amazon, and access to Amazon Prime Music.


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