Jobs/Apple Still Considering 3rd Party iPhone Applications

Yesterday in San Francisco was the scene of the Apple Shareholders meeting. Topics varied, however, during a segment of iPhone discussion, Jobs caught the ears of many with a comment regarding the possibility of third party applications being developed for the iPhone. Apple has previously clearly stated that the iPhone platform will not be open to 3rd party software developers so that Apple can retain full control of the environment.

At the shareholders meeting, MacRumors reported that Jobs indicated that Apple is still "struggling with the decision" of whether or not to allow third party iPhone developers. Jobs was quoted as saying it is an issue that Apple is "wrestling with".

So, perhaps the issue is not completely closed. This thought of a more extensive software library being available for the iPhone is promising to prospective to developers, iPhone owners, and investors alike.



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This would be a huge step in making the iPhone takeover complete.

I think a major thing holding a portion of would-be customers back is the lack of ability to customize their phone with added apps.

If Apple is smart, they'll stop wrestling and open things up a bit.

thats true