How can I turn off iPhone Always-On display?

Can I turn off the Always-On iPhone screen? How do I make the iPhone 14 Pro sleep?

iPhone Always-on display

The iPhone Always-On display is designed to offer updated information at a glance without having to wake your device. Some iPhone users are concerned about battery life or find the Always-On screen distracting. Although iOS is designed to preserve battery life, even with the Always-On display enabled, some may wish to turn this feature off.

For anyone who misses their dark iPhone screen, the Always-On display can be disabled. Follow these steps to turn off the iPhone Always-On display on iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, or later:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Display & Brightness
  2. Toggle Always On -> OFF (grey switch)

The iPhone lock screen reverts to going dark when locked at all times.