AT&T Tells Employees to Shutup About iPhone, Us Nothing New

Another internal AT&T document has found it's way into the hands of the iPhone speculation machine that is the internet. It is the latest of communication documents between AT&T and it's employees regarding the upcoming launch of the iPhone.

A couple of weeks ago, an internal email was circulated which informed employees of a month long, June 15-July 15, iPhone launch period during which vacation was strongly discouraged.

This latest document was circulated to help AT&T reinforce policies regarding the launch which employees have possibly been neglecting. To paraphrase, the document basically tells employees to keep their mouths shut about the iPhone and reasserts that pre-sales and waiting lists will not be offered.

As for new information for those of us outside the walls of AT&T, there's really nothing. If anything, perhaps the circulation of the document suggests there *might* be some truth to last week's latest release date rumors (June 15th and June 29th). As usual, we'll have to wait and see.