What is 5G Standalone on iPhone?

How can I use 5G Standalone mode? What does 5G Standalone on iPhone do?

T-Mobile 5G

5G standalone mode is a feature available in iOS 16.4 or later, which provides faster data speeds on supported 5G networks. By enabling 5G Standalone on iPhone, the device will take advantage of significantly improved data connections.

To activate 5G Standalone, navigate to Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Options -> Voice & Data -> 5G Standalone -> ON (green switch). This feature may not be available on your iPhone depending on cellular network compatibility or your SIM card.

Other 5G settings include "Auto", which uses the 5G network when it offers better performance while preserving battery life. "5G On" prioritizes 5G connections even if it affects battery life or performance. "LTE" means your device solely relies on LTE connectivity, ignoring 5G networks altogether.

Currently, T-Mobile is the only carrier supporting 5G Standalone in the US with speeds up to 3 Gbps. Other carriers are expected to roll out 5G Standalone support.