What is Conversation Awareness on AirPods Pro?

Why do my AirPods automatically lower volume? How do I use Conversation Awareness on AirPods?

AirPods Pro

Conversation Awareness on AirPods Pro is one of the features found in Apple's Adaptive Audio suite, a trio of functionalities that automatically fine-tunes AirPods noise-cancellation and volume settings to match the user's surroundings. The three distinct features encompassed within Adaptive Audio are Adaptive Noise Control, which adjusts noise-cancellation levels, Personalized Volume, which dynamically alters volume between quiet and noisy environments, and Conversation Awareness.

Conversation Awareness automatically moderates the AirPods volume and activates transparency mode when you engage in conversations. This prevents sudden audio disruptions and promotes awareness of your surroundings. The first time this feature activates it may take users by surprise. Apple has planned ahead for this by having Siri chime in the first time, to explain that Conversation Awareness has been activated during a conversation.