iOS 17 released: See what's new on iPhone

iOS 17 stickers

Apple has just rolled out its highly-anticipated iOS 17 update, and it's packed with a plethora of new features and enhancements designed to elevate the iPhone experience. After an extensive beta testing period, the final public version of iOS 17 is now available for compatible devices, promising to take Apple devices to the next level in terms of customization, social interaction, and intelligence. Here are some highlights of iOS 17:

Interactive Widgets on the Home Screen

Say goodbye to static widgets cluttering your Home Screen. With iOS 17, widgets can now be interactive, allowing you to perform various tasks like starting songs, setting timers, or controlling smart home accessories without even launching an app. Third-party app developers can leverage this feature to create new ways to control their apps efficiently.

StandBy Mode

StandBy mode is a groundbreaking feature that adds incredible functionality to your iPhone while it's charging. When placed in landscape mode, either via MagSafe or wired charging, the iPhone will display useful information, ideal for the nightstand. It automatically dims the screen and displays information in red at night to avoid disrupting your sleep. Live Activities can take over the display, providing a quick glance at important information like timers.

New features in Phone, Contacts, and Messages

iOS 17 brings social features to the forefront. The Contacts app now allows users to set up Contact Posters, providing a whole-display image when someone calls. Voicemails are automatically transcribed live, making it easier to know who called and why. Plus, FaceTime video messages let you capture special moments even when a call is missed.

The Messages app has been redesigned, emphasizing stickers, with the ability to create your own using the feature Lift Subject from Background Photos. AirDrop introduces NameDrop, simplifying contact sharing with an NFC tap.

Roadside Assistance via Satellite

Exclusive to iPhone 15 and available for newly-activated iPhone 14 models, Roadside Assistance via satellite is a crucial feature for areas with limited cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. It works similarly to Emergency SOS via satellite, allowing you to request vehicular assistance by pointing your iPhone into the sky and sending a low-bandwidth message to AAA. This service is free for two years and is available to non-members as well.

Everything else

iOS 17 is brimming with additional improvements, including the forthcoming Apple Journal app, AirDrop over the internet, and collaborative Apple Music playlists. The highlight, however, is an overhaul of the auto-correct system, promising a more accurate and efficient typing experience.

As usual, iOS 17 is available as a free software update for the iPhone XS and later. To update, simply go to Settings -> General -> Software Updates on your iPhone.