iPad Video Conferencing Revealed by iPhone SDK

Apple released to developers its latest version of the iPhone SDK yesterday (version 3.2 beta 4), and an article published today by The iPad Guide details clues revealed by developers that show evidence of video conferencing support on the iPad. Though the iPhone 3.2 OS is intended to run on the iPad and not the iPhone, development of video conferencing for the iPad could mean that feature could land on future versions of the iPhone as well.

ipad video conferencing chat buttons

As seen above, one of the things revealed by developers who have gone rooting through the newly released SDK are iPad icons for accepting or refusing an incoming video chat. This seems to suggest that Apple's development of this feature is considerably well along, as icons for use in application testing have already been designed and deployed in the API.

Developers also turned up evidence of support for a front-facing camera, which comes as little surprise given the support for video conferencing, camera flash (not Adobe Flash), and camera zoom. This likely means the countless users who have requested flash on the iPhone's camera will get such in the near future.

Whether Apple plans to include video conferencing and front-facing cameras on the second version of the iPad or on the 4th generation iPhone remains completely unclear, but the very convincing evidence of the development of these features revealed by developers today makes the possibility increasingly likely.

[via The iPad Guide]